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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sorry About the Restriction

You've probably come here from Cockpit Conversation, wondering why it is suddenly unavailable. I'm sorry, but I've had to restrict it for professional reasons. I like my blog, but I take pride in my career and the latter is more important. Currently no one but me has access. Please don't e-mail me about it.


dpierce said...

Gosh. Is this permanent? I learned so much from your blog!

Ward Bush said...

Bummer. I _was_ going to email and ask what it would take to get access to the blog, then I noticed the "new" blog and the announcement. :(

I hope there's no serious problems and that this will turn out to be a temporary interruption in Cockpit Conversation. I've really enjoyed reading it a lot over the past year or so.

fy said...

I've been a regular reader of your blog, and I've enjoyed reading it very much. I understand and respect the need to take it offline if that is necessary for moving forward with your professional life. However, will it be possible to keep your archive of older entries online (with appropriate censoring and further editing to protect the innocent if necessary)? They are truly great writing, and I think many people will benefit from making them accessible.

Thanks for a great blog.

LoadMasterC141 said...

I do indeed hope you return to the scene of blogging soon! I have long lurked here, after finding the link from Sams' blog. Going to miss your talented writing!

lgrant said...

I am sorry you've had to restrict your blog. It has been a great pleasure reading it over the years, sharing your ups and downs, rejoicing with you when things go well, and sharing your woes and hoping for the best when they don't.

And, let us not forget the wonderful explanations of various aspects of flying, be they technical, regulatory, or just how flying for a living *really* works.

I have been really pleased to see how your career has gotten back on track after the temporary setback you had with your medical. You seem to be doing really well, and to be pretty happy. This is a very good thing.

It's not really all that surprising that your job might require not blogging. Some companies are somewhat paranoid about *any* of their inner workings being exposed. (I used to work for General Motors in another lifetime. Their rule was if you are ever asked to give a speech about something having to do with the company, turn it down, because by the time it gets through all the necessary approvals, the date will have passed.) Even though you are really good at hiding any identifying details, unless your job title is "Public Relations", many companies won't want to trust you at it.

If this new job requires not blogging, I guess we'll all just have to deal with it. We will miss hearing from you daily, but will still be happy in the knowledge that you are doing well and are happy.

Good luck to you, and if you are ever able to blog again, I hope you come back to it.

Be well...

Lynn Grant

Wayne Conrad said...

I'd rather you succeed than read about how you *almost* succeeded except for your employer taking exception to your blog. I'll truly miss your adventures, though. Thanks for letting me ride along. I'll buy the book when it comes out. Keep the blue side up.

Bod said...

I will miss reading about you adventures and have learned a lot from your posts. However, it is your life and you need to do whatever you need to do.

Hopefully the blog can return sometime, but if not, good luck with the rest of your life.

chris said...

Best of luck with your career. I've certainly enjoyed lurking with everyone else, and wish you the very best in your continued career.

I've been very pleased to read about your progress in what is sometimes a nearly thankless profession. If you are able to return or if you aren't, I appreciate that you've shared so much of your experience with the rest of us.

Good luck!

airfan said...

Amen to what other lurkers said. Your excellent writing about fascinating topics has been a treat. Good Luck and thanks for the "ride." Hope to see you back some time.

M said...

Most likely the employer proscribes blogging. Enjoyed it while it lasted ~ Safe travels!

(Though as a service to the aviation community, it would be nice to see the purely technical discussions, e.g., weather concepts, etc., somewhere - not as a blog.)

Denis Couch said...

Trix-you have been a permanent bookmark on my PC for some time now - first check the days weather, and then to your blog. It is strange how the mind conjures up an image of you and your surroundings, and I bet if ever we had the chance to meet, you would match my perception of you. Heady stuff this blog medium.
I hope that you will still keep a journal of your activities, even if only for posterity.
I am sorry that I have been predominantly a lurker on your forum, but on the odd occasion that I have contributed, it has been to point out some of the similarities of GA in Australia and Canada - both sparsely populated Commonwealth countries, with frenetic activity at the major hubs.
All the best for your certain aviation future. I will keep your bookmark and check back occasionally just to make sure you are safe. Please let us know that at least.
Love and regards
Denis Australia

Xaqman said...

If an employer proscribes blogging about the job, it would be simple enough to explain that fact. I suspect it's more complicated...

love2gofly said...

Like others, I was sent to your blog to read about your experiences with the smoke... but I've read every entry since... wondered if you'd ever get your medical back, got mad that your stuff was stolen, cheered when you started flying again. etc. etc.

Good Luck, and I'll keep checking once in a while.